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At Liberty Bay, we believe strongly in the importance of financial education, and take an educational approach to banking. Through this approach, we aim to empower each and every member to understand their unique financial position and to take control of their financial future!

Whether you're buying a car, looking to purchase a new home or planning your retirement, our interactive modules are easy to use, and will provide you the know-how you need to achieve your unique financial goals.

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Liberty Bay's Financial Education Series is Back!

Seminars we're presenting in the coming months include "Your Credit Score Guide" and "Your Student Loan Refinance Guide". If you have questions about either of these topics our experts are here to help answer them!

BONUS: All attendees are entered to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. A winner will be drawn at each seminar.

DOUBLE BONUS: If someone you refer to a seminar opens a new membership, you will be entered in an additional drawing for a $150 Visa Gift Card.

Register today at www.libertybaycu.org/register!

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